Stop Work Policy

This policy empowers every employee in Energy Workforce Sdn. Bhd the duty and the rights to initiate a STOP WORK ORDER when a situation exposes employees to safety or health risks, endangering the environment or damaging properties. The Management supports the decision of the employees in the diligent execution of this policy.

In achieving the policy objectives, the following guidelines are established:

  • STOP WORK ORDER shall be initiated if any situation arises due to an unsafe condition or act, or omission or non-action of any party involved in the operation, and if such situation were to be continued may potentially lead to an unwanted incident.
  • Any personnel regardless of position, seniority or discipline has the right and duty to initiate the STOP WORK ORDER, if he or she believes by judgement such activity is deemed to be a potential incident.
  • No employee shall be faulted or taken disciplinary action for initiating the STOP WORK when, upon investigating, it was found to be unnecessary. The STOP WORK ORDER must be applied in good faith.
  • There should not be any delay in calling for the STOP WORK ORDER if a potential risk or threat is imminent, or the need arises.

Work stopped due to the STOP WORK ORDER shall be resumed only after all protocols are conducted to the satisfaction of the personnel who initiated the STOP WORK ORDER.

This STOP WORK policy is an extension of our Safety, Health and Environmental Policy, to maintain a safe environment against any risk or exposure to personal safety and health, effects to the environment and property damage.

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