Rope Access

EW provides highly trained, competent specialists that are well versed in the art of using rope to access challenging areas while maintaining the highest standard of safety. We safeguard our client’s peace of mind by providing operational work that is conducted in line with international guidelines.

Being member of IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) we ensure our multidisciplinary rope access team certified and trained in accordance to strict code of conduct. Our rope access team approach the work with professionalism and confidence to ensure successful completion of task.

EW’s highly competent IRATA Technical Authority ensures all abseiling equipment purchased are in compliance with internal standards & IRATA requirements. Our efficient, safe and quality rope access service gives you the confidence that you are operating to industry standards and have a cost-effective, flexible solution for inspection and maintenance at height.

Our Strengths

  • Certified Rope Access Operator) Level I,II,III)
  • Continuous in-house training & competency monitoring
Abseiling Equipments
  • Comply to international standards
  • Quality Brands (Petzl,Singing Rock)
  • Complete set with backup equipment
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