Computed Radiography Testing (CRT)

Computed radiography (CR) uses phosphor-imaging plates instead of film to store radiographic inspection results. CR imaging plates are exposed as per standard radiographic testing however the images are then scanned from the plates into a computer system. Using powerful software one can then analyse, carry out post processing, print and store the images for future review. This technology complies with the requirements of various industry standards (ASME, API, DNV, EN-ISO).

EWF Group uses Durr HD-CR 35 with TreFoc Technology (latest laser focusing technology), which is adjusted perfectly to give optimal image results and the highest signal-to-noise ratio in any application.

Target Application

  • Remaining wall thickness
  • Detect presence of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Identify weld quality or profile imaging for in-service piping.
  • Suitable to determine flow-accelerated corrosion.


  • The images can be readily shared, e-mailed, and stored electronically by anyone needing reliability information for the equipment.
  • The imaging plates practically eliminate re-shots by providing a greater range over which exposures can be useful.
  • Significant exposure reductions
  • Reduction of exposure times from 50-70% when using IR 192
  • Highly reproducible
  • Images on film or digitized.
  • High resolution image for superior image quality
  • Data is stored for future comparison or audit.
  • No chemical required.
  • Equipment can be hand carried and suitable to remote areas whereby presence of dark room is not required.
  • Smaller radiation barricades areas, reduced radiation footprint ensures simultaneous operations and reduced downtime.


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