Driving Policy

We, at ENERGY WORKFORCE Sdn. Bhd, are committed to reducing the risk staff face and create when driving at work. We expect staff to comply with the policy, irrespective of whether they use a company owned vehicle, their own vehicle or a hired vehicle.

Vehicle Speed

When at work, staff must obey relevant speed limit at all times and must not drive faster than the prevailing conditions safety allow. Exceeding the speed limit is against the law. Persistent failure to comply with the law will be regarded as a serious matter and gross speeding while driving at work will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter. Staffs that have penalty points on their license may be required to take further driving training. Company cars will be withdrawn from staff that are disqualified from driving and may be withdrawn from staff that has 9 or more penalty points. The company will co-operate with police enquires resulting from an alleged speeding offence or incident and will supply details of the employee (or the driver, if different) to whom the vehicle is allocated.

Driving and Mobile Phones

Staff driving at work should avoid making or receiving calls on a mobile phone while driving, even if a hands – free kit is fitted. Therefore, they should ensure their phone can take messages while they are driving or allow to the person sitting next to use the phone. The use of text messaging whilst driving is forbidden. Staff should plan journeys so they include rest and stops every two hours during which time telephone messages can be checked and calls returned.

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