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Penetrant Testing (PT)

  • Penetrant Testing, or PT, is a nondestructive testing method that builds on the principle of Visual Inspection.
  • PT increases the “seeability” of small discontinuities that the human eye might not be able to detect alone.
    • How it works:

      • In penetrant testing, a liquid with high surface wetting characteristics is applied to the surface of a component under test.
      • The penetrant “penetrates” into surface breaking discontinuities via capillary action and other mechanisms.
      • Excess penetrant is removed from the surface and a developer is applied topull trapped penetrant back the surface.
      • With good inspection technique, visual indications of any discontinuities present become apparent.
        • Advantages:

          • Relative ease of use.
          • Can be used on a wide range of material types.
          • Large areas or large volumes of parts/materials can be inspected rapidly and at low cost.
          • Parts with complex geometries are routinely inspected.
          • Indications are produced directly on surface of the part providing a visual image of the discontinuity.
          • Initial equipment investment is low.
          • Aerosol spray cans can make equipment very portable.