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Insulated Component TEST – INCOTEST

Using pulse eddy current method for measuring the remaining average wall thickness under insulation of low alloy carbon steel/ferromagnetic object and analyzing their decay and is the most reliable method for corrosion detection.

This is an excellent technique to be applied on objects that are insulated and also can be applied on objects that are difficult or extreme cost accessible. The range of application is enormous and INCOTEST contributes in significantly reducing inspection cost. This pulse eddy current technology is an excellent on-stream tool for positioning further inspection works during shut down or periodic maintenance works.


  • ON/OFF –Stream Measurements
  • Up to 1000 measurements per day (fast –speed)
  • Battery Operated
  • No Coupling required
  • Minimized Preparation Cost ( including material surface)
    • This system dies not require cleaning or removal of concrete/coating/insulation. In most cases scaffolding is not necessary and this results in huge savings in comparison to traditional inspection preparation cost.

      By monitoring with INCOTEST, you will substantially reduce the chances to failure of your equipment. Assessment of the damage that results from CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) or FAC (Flow Accelerated Corrosion) is a relatively inexpensive and a prudent prevention method.

      The INOCTEST sensor can be easily handled by a diver or a rope access operator to improve accessibility.

      For measurements on risers and caissons in the splash zone or deeper a manipulator can be applied

      INCOTEST can be used to detect Accelerated Low Water Corrosion and a comprehensive report will address the areas where maintenance is necessary which enables you to plan your maintenance and allocate funds necessary