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Conformable Eddy Current Array – Our Latest Inspection Technology

Routine pipeline maintenance will inevitably require that certain features or defects found in the pipeline surface are to be assessed to ensure that the pipeline is operating safely. The codes that cover external pipeline maintenance provide guidelines that allow an operator to calculate a safe operating pressure based on certain material properties of the pipe, safety factors used in the design of the pipeline and on geometry information from the defect.

The Conformable Eddy Current Array, (Conformable Array), can acquire defect geometry data and, based on material properties and design data input by the operator, calculate the safe operating pressure of the pipeline using B31G, Modified B31 and Effective Area assessment equations.

The Conformable Array is adjusted for temperature variation of the array board and electronic components. The ambient temperature of the electronics should be inputted by the operator in the Pipeline Data input section. A software calculation adjusts the output based on the temperature of operation. The software will default to common room temperature, if no value is inputted. Accuracy is greatly improved with proper temperature information.


  • Rapid Data Collection
  • Immediate Access to Electronic Data
  • Rapid Defect Assessment Using Industry Standard Critical Engineering Assessments
  • Saves Time, Promotes Quick Decisions, Helps Eliminate Costly Disruptions to Projects or Operations
  • Defect Assessment
  • Electronic Rubbings
  • Record Keeping
  • Data Comparison & Validation
  • Immediate Information Electronic Format
    • Software

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