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Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)

Our ACFM unit has significant advantages over conventional MT and PT techniques. ACFM provides surface and near surface examination without coating removal. It is at least five times faster than the above mentioned conventional techniques providing accurate sizing (length and depth). The soft copy records of the examination display could be used for discontinuity monitoring purposes. This technique add value with rope access inspection on difficult access areas like crane inspection offshore, platform structural inspection etc.


  • Inspection of all electrically conductive materials
  • No coating removal
  • Faster inspection – (Survey from 3mm to 200 mm width in a single pass through up to 8 mm of coating with no requirement to clean back bare metal)
  • Defect sizing – Length & Depth measurements
  • Post processing 3D Plot
  • EMA/ACFM/ET/FG modes
  • Battery power
  • Light weight Equipment
  • Software selectable filters for scan noise reduction
  • Coating irregularities taken care off / LIFT OFF
  • Full inspection tractability with full inspection data storage and retrieval
    • Application in the industry

    • Inspection of welds and Heat affected zones on pressure vessels/piping
    • Nodal joint inspection for fatigue cracking above and below water, pedestal crane, pad-eye welds, flare booms, sheer panel and module welds above and below water.
    • Verification of impact/collision damage below water.
    • Th0rough protective coating inspection.
    • Application in the industry


      Our personnel carrying out mock-up examinations prior to subsea ACFM mobilisation.